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The Spread of Green Washing Claims in Global Warming and Climate Change Issues

It has long been known that governments and businesses discredited the media for global warming and climate change information. Much of the information on global warming and climate change was considered to be sensationalism, or an outright hoax aimed at scaring the average citizen. However it is becoming even more difficult to discredit the efforts of scientists all over the world who have joined together to bring global warming and climate change information and education to the forefront.

With the help of the media, scientists, The United Nations, and other concerned scientific and humanitarian organizations helped to make global warming and climate change news, education, warnings, and new developments topical, this situation is now being taken very seriously.

Many governments are now fully on board with campaigns to research, develop new technology, employ existing technology, and come up with alternative solutions for using world technology that will not add to global warming and climate change. They are also looking into ways of eradicating it. However, not all governments of the world are fully committed, some are just reluctant to start and others such as third world countries have very little means to do it. Similarly, some major industry magnates have already poured in millions of dollars to help find the solution to global warming and climate change, while others continue to discredit the work that has already been done.

The term “green washing” has been used for governments and large corporations who have put out misleading or false information into the media to defame the claim of global warming and climate change. Many critics accused President Bush of the United States for green washing the Kyoto Protocol Talks when he stormed out with disregard for entire proceedings.

Skeptics chant that large profit driven corporations will continue green washing in an attempt to save money and violate the planet. The controversy continues. Some corporations are attempting to convert over to other sources other than fossil fuel emissions for their energy needs. Yet the skeptics continue to argue that these attempts are misleading the public and only changing one global warming and climate change problem for another.

Oil corporations have been accused of green washing. Neste Oil constructed the world’s largest bio-diesel facility just north east of the Island of Bali in Claypool Indonesia. The company is using Soya bean oils produced by livestock and poultry industries. It has previously been reported that oil companies would be using palm oil and that would mean more palm tree cultivation in Indonesia. Greenpeace has negated the use of palm oil in diesel fuel production as a means of transferring one problem for another. They are maintaining that cutting down rainforests will add to the global Warming and Climate Change problem.

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